Diamond Tooling On Sale

It’s a special week here at Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. we are happy to announce a sale on all our SX and SX 150 Line of Diamond Plated Tooling this week only. Sept. 28th thru Oct. 5th. With the new launch of our website diamondplatedmandrel.com , we are selling all our SX and SX 150 Jig Grinding and ID Grinding Mandrels for 50% off. With grit sizes ranging from 40 mesh to 1200 mesh, we have the capabilities to plate to meet your surface finish standards. We use a wide variety of Diamond Crystal Types when manufacturing our mandrels. Our SX series is a Highly Friabile crystal specifically designed for ID grinding for D2, High Tungsten Alloys, Carbide, PCD. We want micro-fracturing in our diamonds to help keep a sharp cutting edge. Keeping the crystal sharp helps reduce heat during the grinding process. This will help increase overall tool life and prevent any loading causing cycle time delays. Ordering from us today would mean, you get 50% off a high-quality extremely long tool-life reducing your CPU greatly. Contact us today to get a quote on our SX and SX150 line of Diamond Tools. We do offer discounts for quantity breaks, that works with the 50% sales as well.

How To Know If You Need Diamond Tooling For Your Operation

Often when grinding HSS, you find that using a diamond crystal instead of a CBN helps with overall grind characteristics and tool life. Typically these applications are Jig Grinding 8620 or 48 HRC harder steels with low coolant application to the grind. This is due to the nature of the diamond tooling compared to cubic boron nitride. Diamond Tooling handles heat and heavier chip loads than CBN, this allows the crystal to handle the stress of the cut without prematurely breaking down causing inconsistent grinds and short tool life.

Diamond Tooling vs. Borazon

As I mentioned above, there is quite a bit of difference between Diamond and CBN tooling, with the main difference being the thermal conductivity of the crystal structure itself. With Diamond Tooling handling upwards of 2,100 Degrees Fahrenheit in a cut without breaking down, with CBN and Silicon Carbide breaking down in the 1,600-1,800 degree range. With the stress capabilities of the Diamond Tooling, allowing for higher spindle speeds and faster in-feeds in your operations. Now, this will have a negative impact on tool life, as you are increasing chip load unless you are increasing SFPM by over 40%. Often times when ID Grinding an extremely hard material like D2 or M2, slow your in-feed and increase your spindle speed of SFPM. This will greatly reduce the load on your crystal cutting edge, this will help retain a sharp tool, and create a more consistent part blueprint.

Contact Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. Today

Contact us today for a free application evaluation and quote. We want to supply you with the best diamond tooling that you have ever used. We put very high expectations on ourselves to produce tooling that goes above and beyond. As soon as you contact us, we will start the process of evaluating the best diamond tooling for you to use during your application. If you have high volume jobs, we can to CPU and estimated tool life estimates based on the amount of stock removal and SFPM capabilities of the machine.