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was formed back in 1991, when Mike Grunderson and Bob Towers met working for a gold and silver plating company. Both Mike and Bob came from families in manufacturing. Mikes grandfather owned a transmission and body shop and Bob’s father started OlympicPlatingGroup out of Redford, Mi. When these two grabbed a beer after work one day, they sat down and started discussing plating diamonds to steel shanks. The practice wasn’t brand new, the market had many players at the time, but those players were not technically providing high quality plating. In Bob’s fathers business, Mike and Bob started testing methods to plate and learning how to optimally plate a shank for ID or Jig Grinding.

After 3 years in Bob’s fathers business, Mike and Bob decided it was time to start their own business, plating mandrels with Diamond and CBN. They moved to a small shop over off Sheldon and started plating small lots of mandrels for Mike’s family body shop use. After 6 months of using them in the body shops, Mike decided he would try and sell these mandrels to other body shops. After another 6 months, they had a handful of clients. Mostly small body shops, but for the two of them, they were succeeding. They were doing what they wanted to achieve, supply quality diamond and CBN mandrels.

Well, word spread quickly and a few mechanics and machinists got their hands on some tools. After they used the tools, they realized that Diamond Plated Mandrels was providing a high quality plating product right in their backyard. Well, word spread much faster after that happened. In a matter of months, orders were coming in from machinists and operators looking for high-quality plated tooling.

We are now a 7 person operation, in a 35,000 sq ft shop still in Redford, Mi. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality mandrels in the market, with the lowest cost of ownership. We want our tools to be the cheapest on your wallet buck, but the best in your machine. Contact Us Today and See Where We Can Help You!

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Who Is Diamond Plated Mandrels

Use only Premium Superabrasive crystals to plate high-quality steel or carbide shanks, providing our customers with a superior performing product. Helping establish our customers as premier in their respective industries.
Build The Tool Right The First Time….Collect All The Data Up Front…Make The Right Decision!
If our tools don’t perform to the estimated expectations that we provide. We will do a full analysis as to what the failure mode was, and then perform a 5-WHY to help eliminate that problem in the future. We will also provide you with free replacement tooling. 60 Day Guarantee on all your products.
Single piece lot runs, to million pieces, we are capable of handling your plating needs. With over 25+ years plating, we are here to be the experts in our fields. We want you to be able to focus on your business needs and growth, not on failing tooling.

Our Status

Safe Work Place 100%
On-Time Delivery 96%
First Plate Inspection Passed 92%
To Another Year Of Setting The Standards 75%