We are introducing a new diamond grinding wheel series to the market. We have done the research and have developed a supreme product for grinding alloys, inconel, and PCD. Our DX Series is a great solution to your grinding needs, especially for high volume, short cycle-time jobs. This series performs beautifully when flooded with coolant, and run at high in-feed rates, the crystal that we use is a lover of material removal. This crystal has an aggressive cutting structure when fractured. We recommend in-feeding at 0.3 Q-Prime as a great starting point with our DX Series. If you are seeing loading or material smear you might want to possibly in-feed faster. The reason for loading could possibly be too light of a chip load. When a chip isn’t large enough for the crystal used, evacuation becomes an issues due to the chip being smaller than the crystal keeping it in the porous cavity and under-cut from the crystal.

Diamond Grinding Speeds and Feeds

6,500 to 9,000 SFPM, Depth Of Cut 0.100″ @0.625″ width, In-Feed 3″ to 10″ per minute. This is a great place to start when running our mandrels. We recommend starting with these speeds and feeds. Now, we recommend contacting us for review our your operation prior to making drastic changes in speeds and feeds. Typically we can help point you in the right direction when it comes to inputs for your operation when it comes to feeds and speeds. If you are looking for more information, please contact us.

Typical Diamond Grinding Applications

Cylindrical Grinding or Centerless Grinding (D2, M2, M4, 8620, Inconel, Carbide, PCD, Hard Alloys)
Surface Grinding or Plate Grinding AKA Blanchard
ID Grinding or Bore Grinding (Carbide or PCD) (We recommend a 1A8 Style Head For This Style Grinding)

Diamond Crystal Types

We have multiple different suppliers that we use for raw Diamond and CBN. We find that certain suppliers carry crystal that works better for certain application. This diversification allows us to use the best crystal on the market for your tooling. By not being biased in the procurement side, we find that our product reaches the hands of the best, because we started with the best. One of our suppliers, World Wide SuperAbrasives Inc. has supplied us for years. We find that using their products on Carbide Applications has proven out to be the best. There are hundreds of different crystals on the market, with that kind of selection and diversity in characteristics, our Diamond Grinding Wheels perform to the highest standard due to being custom tailored for your application. Also, in the last decade quite a bit has changed in the world of post processed diamonds. When I say, Post Process, I do not mean used up diamonds, I mean post being sorted depending on characteristics, then put through another process to help their performance. In many cases, coating these crystals with a thermal spray coating, or encasing them in a high stress metal coating with help retain crystal shape, sharpness, and form. With the introduction of this type of post process, the options for variety of crystal to try on an application are almost endless. Let our in-house research and field research let us direct you on what crystal type to use. We want your Diamond Grinding Wheels to be the best they can be (Army Pun!)