Diamond Plating and Electroplated Tooling

Diamond Plated Mandrels Inc. has been providing extremely high-quality, cost effective plated tooling for over two decades. We’ve been looking to bring a unique product to the market from the beginning. Knowing the importance that a tools performance has to the customer, made us focus on what is important. The Tool. Not the look, not the flashy look and polish, but the overall crystal performance, the depth of in-feed possible, the ability to cut freely, and most importantly the time the tool spends performing. Time In Cut is a very important characteristic to the plated and diamond plating world. Making your tools reasonable to own through a overall Cost Per Unit that is effective for your production model.

Full Invested

Here at DPM, Diamond Plating is what we do, and we want to help you every step of the way.

Our Team Is There Every Step

When you are our customer, we want to help as much as possible. We are there to support and educate our customers on our products

Premium Raw Materials

Every Tool We Make Is Of The Highest Quality

Starting With Quality Means Ending With Quality

From our raw steel or carbide to the abrasive crystals that we plate with, we make sure our products are superior and above industry standards.

Short Lead-Time

With an average lead-time around two weeks, we are able to get your tools to work quickly.

Get Your Tools Quickly

Shorter lead-times help with manged tooling inventory and short project dead-lines or quick dead-lines.

Design Options

We make tools for a living, we can design and manufacture almost any plated tooling.

Change Any Element Of Design With Confidence

Flexibility in design and plating options, allows for us to provide you with the exact tool you are looking for.

Our Services

We are expertise in Diamond Plating and CBN Plating products. With over two decades experience in flashing and electroplating SuperAbrasive crystals to HSS or Carbide, we can provide you and your production with the exact tooling your are looking for. Both with respect to pricing and performance. Remember, we know that CPU is important with tooling, and we want to provide the best CPU to our customers. When our customers costs are low, we stay in business.

Why Choose Us

      • Highest Quality Tooling Starting From Raw Materials To End Product
      • Superior Tool Life and Profile Retention
      • Extremely Competitive Pricing resulting in low C.P.U
      • Short Lead-Time and On-time Deliveries
      • Full Support and Customer Service With Every Tool

What Client’s Say

Started using DPM tooling just over 6 months ago, their tools are extremely consistent, and perform every time as they should. When it comes to running at almost 100% of my capacity, I can’t have tools that don’t make it to life. DPM was our solution to improving capacity at the shop for a reasonable price.
CNCDude, 1stToolingProducts
We had a plating supplier that we were happy with, they were supplying decent product for a competitive price. Mike stopped by our shop and gave us some sample tools, we have been their customer since. That was over 4 years now, and we are still using Diamond Plated Mandrels products on all our ID and Jig Grinding jobs.
We had a very unique project, that our customer was demanding a short lead time on. Mike and Bob were able to help us design and build tooling within a week and get our project done in time. We can’t thank them enough. Their diamond plating is better than any other plating I have every used. Let me tell you you won’t be disappointed.
mistyprice, SmithsonTooling Supplier